User cannot receive an invitation email

I am a user, which already has access to some accounts and now I should be invited to another account. Confirmed with account owner, that an invitation was sent twice already and I didn’t get the email and also don’t see this new account in the list of my available accounts

Hi @Elena.Lagunova

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you are well.

I have confirmed the email related to this profile is not on an email suppression list, meaning you should be getting the emails.

This is a tricky one however potentially it could be the email is going to you spam inbox, please have a look to see if you see the invite there.

Also many messages can end up in you or your company’s spam filter. To ensure your system recognizes emails sent by us, add and * to your allow list or “Safe Senders” list as a trusted email source.

If the above doesn’t remedy the issue, please do reach out. However can you confirm the account id you are expecting an email invite to.

Thank you for the answer. I already got a few emails with reports/news from, but not from Maybe it’s an issue, because Junk/Spam settings are managed by the company and in my mailbox those groups are empty right now.

I’m awaiting for invitation to account=3201008

HI @Elena.Lagunova

Thank you fir the update here.

I have created a case on your behalf with the Accounts team, they will be able to have a deeper look here, also they may need to confirm some email addresses and confirm some info from the owner of account 3201008. So its best to protect the everyone’s private information by supporting this via a case.

Please note they will reach out via email.

Should you have any updates or further questions, please do reach out!