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Using a NewRelicTransaction string found in a log message



How can I enter a NewRelicTransaction string, that is found in logs and rabbitMQ message headers, into the NewRelic UI to get the transaction trace?

Digging for truth,


Hi, @stuart_schmukler: Transaction traces are not searchable, but even if they were, not every transaction is traced; it is likely that there won’t be a trace for the transaction that generated the log message.

Your best bet is to note the time of the log message, then look at transaction traces around that time in the APM UI.


Thank you Phil,

To be clear you are saying that neither the “NewRelicID===" or the "NewRelicTransaction=**************************************************************=” that I find in log messages and rabbitMQ message headers can get me to a specific trace. [BTW: I have stared out the real data from the strings.]



Yes, I believe that is correct. I do not know of any way to search for a specific transaction trace.


Odd Phil,

In the NewRelic One Filter box you can enter a “traceid”, but it always required another attribute – which I have no idea how to select.


traceId is a unique ID that links spans across processes in distributed traces: Not a way to locate an individual transaction trace.