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Using API to pull key statistics for trends


I want to create a CIO dashboard with Trends

Okay guys, I’ve been toiling with this for some time. The thought of creating a CIO dashboard to use for trends and monitoring.

  • Can I use the API to pull results and then display them in a Data App?
  • How do you demonstrate a snapshot for many apps (almost 300) to leadership. I want to do some sort of ranking, worst 10, top 10, etc…


After looking at videos on using NR API, I totally forgot that you can’t use the API to interact with a Data App. Only an insights dashboard. :frowning:


Hey @reopelle.scott, this sounds like a great idea! You’re completely right, there is no API to interact directly with a Data App. I think would be possible to automate a lot of the up-front work of creating Data Apps by using the Dashboard API to prepare the dashboards which you would like in a Data App.

As far as creating a snapshot of data from many applications, depending on the data you are looking to calculate, a custom event type which stores an aggregate of queries made across those 300 accounts using the Insights Query API may be the best way of generating that information.

I’d be interested to know what sort of snapshot data you would like to calculate, if you have any other questions, let me know!


Can you tell me more about the Insights Query API? Maybe provide a quick example of how to execute a query against the API?


Hi @reopelle.scott, you can find more information on querying Insights via API in our docs, which gives some examples as well. It basically uses URL-encoded versions of standard NRQL queries :slight_smile: