Using both SAML and non-SAML at the same time

We currently utilize SAML for account access. We have a user from a different domain that we need to provide with access. When they accept the invite, it seems to work, but then see an error from Google: app_not_configured_for_user.

Is there a different sign in url that they can visit to sign into our account without it assuming they are trying to authenticate with SAML? Their email domain is a different domain than ours.

We need to grant a user access to our NR account that is outside of our domain. We currently use SAML for our employees, but this user will be signing in from a different domain-named-email.

They are able to accept the invite to our account, but when signing in, they are forwarded to our SAML provider (Google) and receive the error “app_not_configured_for_user”.

How can we allow them to sign in?

@taylor5 I have opened a ticket for our support account team to assist you with this request. They will be in contact soon.