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Using NR SDK Independently with App Relying on 3rd Party SDK


Assuming there’s tvOS app reporting to NR using NR SDK, and another 3rd party SDK being used by this app, that should report to NR as well.
Is there any way to report to NR independently, to different accounts, using NR SDK without creating sub account of the primary app?


Hi @zz570c happy to lend a hand; in order to best assist can you answer a few questions?

  • First, what is the 3rd party SDK you’re referencing? Can you elaborate on what kind of data it’s collecting and how it’s doing so?
  • Second, do you currently have the tvOS Agent installed? If so, what version of the Agent are you currently utilizing?

To answer your question regarding the ability to report data to different accounts, this should be possible. You should be able to route data to any App or Account by changing the App token associated with the App.


Hi Amanda,

Thanks for the reply.
Assume there’s an app, reporting independently to NR.
Then, also the app is using a SDK, currently in development.
The SDK also needs to report to NR, regardless of what the app is reporting.

I’ve installed the Agent on the SDK, the version is 6.5.0


Hi @zz570c,

No problem, happy to lend a hand with any questions or concerns!

If I’m interpreting your follow up correctly, it sounds like you’d like to add our Agent to an SDK that you’re developing and distributing, is that right? This isn’t a functionality that is supported as our Agent cannot be added to other SDKs.

Let me know if I’m not quite understanding your needs, or if I can address any other questions, and I’d be happy to assist further!