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Using NRQL - Trying to find the max count of certain transactions in an hour from last week, month, year



I am somewhat familiar with NRQL and have created dashboard to count the total requests count of certain transactions in a month/year.

SELECT count(*)/1000 AS ‘Thousands Requests’ FROM Transaction WHERE appName IN (‘my-app-name’) and name like ‘%my-transaction-name%’ SINCE 1 month ago

Now i am trying to find out the max count of the same transaction per hour over a period of one week, one month or a year. Like was this call made 20 times in an hour or 200 times in an hour.

I am not looking for transaction duration.


Hi, @Yash.Chhoker: NRQL does not generally support nested functions, so unfortunately you cannot do max(count(*)) . One workaround is to execute the count() query on a schedule (say, every 30 minutes) and insert the result as a custom event. Then you can get the max() of that count value in a separate query.

If this is not something you need to do frequently, another option is to export the result of the count() query to a spreadsheet, and use it to find the maximum value.


Thank you Phil. I need to do it occasionally may be once a month or few times a year.
I will look at exporting the results article you mentioned.