Using same iOS application in NewRelic Account for test and production environments

Hi Team,
I have a generic question. Is it a good idea to use a single Mobile Application in a newrelic account to instrument my test and production variants of the same mobile application.

I presume, i can modify my queries while setting up dashboards/alerts by filtering the events collected using the app versions(because my production app versions are different from the app versions for test app).

But thats just about events, would i face any other bottlenecks?

Any issues with metrics data or other newrelic features? I see the out of box crash analysis, mobile requests/errors UI will report numbers thats an aggregate of data collected in test and production apps together.

Or simply - is it normal thing to do?

I’d definitely recommend different app tokens for dev and prod environments. It’s cleaner, and easier to compare and analyze your data. The New Relic overview defaults to display all versions of an app, so you’d be limited on viewing one version at a time between environments to separate the data.

Best practice is to create a new app in New Relic for every environment you want to monitor.


Thanks @dmurray. Yup that makes sense.

Is there any limitations it may cause in metrics?

Really only high level app overview, since it will include all versions. For instance, your list of mobile apps in New Relic One has percentage counts and app launches that leverage metric data for the entire app. Otherwise, all data (metric and event) can be filtered by version in either New Relic One, or your Insights queries.