Using VIP for Private location

Hi all,

We’re using a private location with a minion for some our synthetics. Is it possible to setup multiple hosts with minions then use a VIP for the one private location? I know we can just set up multiple host and have each as a private location then just select all for our scripts but we’re trying to avoid one of the minion or host going down and getting failed results on the scripts when that private location is used.

Any suggestions?


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Hi Guys…any ideas on this one? If not, do you know if this is something that support might be able to help with? Wasn’t sure if this type of question would be something outside of what support covers.


Hi, @chris.molinas: Sorry, I don’t know the answer to this. I am a trainer; I don’t work in support. Hopefully someone else will help you soon.


Thanks for your question! It’s a good practice to scale out for redundancy and reliability. You can point multiple hosts at one private location (PL). Just use the same private location key on each host. They will load balance the PL as well by each pulling jobs from the queue.

Check out this doc for more details: