Validating Raw Response Data / Successful Generation of PDF

Hi NR Community.

I was looking for some help or advice on how to script something for a Scripted Browser NR Synthetic Monitor.

I have a test suite that we use at my company to check that our PDF generator is working.

I would like to automate this process via an Scripted Browser monitor.

Essentially, the journey is;
Navigate to an internal URL > Click a link > Validate that a PDF has been generated.

To initially record the journey, i am using Katalon Recorder. Which can record the initial steps, but isnt able to interact with the PDF once its been generated (The PDF Generates in the Browser window via the in-built PDF Viewer).

I understand that NR Synthetics is currently not able to interact with PDFs, but was hoping that there might be an alternative way to validate that the PDF has generated.

One of my colleagues advised that we could possibly try and validate the raw response data. But i am not too sure on how to script for that. (I am relatively new to Scripting for Scripted Browser monitors and my team mate who would usually look after this is on annual leave for some time)

In the HTML, there is an embed name and an internalid but these are unique values that change each time the pdf is generated.

Could i validate the Content-Length in the response headers? As this appears to be a static value.

Any advice or input is appreciated. I will try and supply as much information as i can if requested.