Validation of asynchronous executions

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We are creating an alert that aims to validate execution of asynchronous flows.
The idea would basically be to verify that, given the existence of a custom event A, there will also be a custom event B at some point in the future, each created when running different flows, since the flow is asynchronous.

The alert is based on NRQL and we thought of validating it more or less as follows:

SELECT count(A) - count(B) from A,B

If the return is greater than 0 then it would indicate that there is some inconsistency, in which case an incident should be opened.

However, we are having difficulties defining a configuration that fits for this type of alert. The alert starts showing too many false positives or too many false negatives.

We’ve searched the forum, but haven’t found any similar cases.

Does anyone have experience creating alerts that look for inconsistencies in the execution of asynchronous streams and could help us out?

Or even know if it’s possible to monitor such a thing with New Relic alerts.

Here’s an image of one of the configurations we tested

Hello @warley.xavier1.

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Thank you for providing detail regarding your question and use case. While I am not a support engineer and this is out of my scope, I am going to loop a support engineer in to assist further. Please note they will reach out on this post when available.

Please reach out if there is anything else we can help with in the mean time!

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@warley.xavier1 - Can you provide a link to the actual query? It’s hard to say what is happening here without seeing how the actual query is performing and how the streaming aggregation is working with the real time data.