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Validation of Scripted Browser test on local machine


Hi, I want to execute the Scripted Browser Synthetic test on my local machine, to check hows the execution is happening.
Is that possible in New Relic?


Hi, @Divyachandra.Suryawa: You may find this post helpful:


I wish if clicking on Validate button, and selecting my own machine as target, script could execute on local machine. Writing own custom methods is time consuming. Also we need to to full environment setup before that, which in itself is time consuming.


@Divyachandra.Suryawa -

Without the necessary dev environment set up (Selenium/etc…) as phil mentioned - it would be impossible to run the script locally.

What you could do is install a private minion on your local machine, and then select that minion as your synthetics test location when you are running the monitor.

You can’t run a monitor script locally without installing an environment on your machine. The CPM would probably be the best bet for that. :slight_smile:


Thanks for Minion suggestion, but i believe its not free. Hence we will not go for that.
Can you provide the complete details about how to setup a local dev environment for synthetic transaction? What are the minimum steps we need to perform for this setup?


@Divyachandra.Suryawa - Phil’s suggestion earlier should help with everything you need to set up the local environment: