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Values from NRQL don't match SLA reports from Synthetics


Hi, I am trying to reproduce some of the SLA reports. I am executing the following query:

SELECT percentage(count(*), WHERE result='SUCCESS') FROM SyntheticCheck where monitorName='my monitor name' since 12 months ago facet monthOf(timestamp)

I expected a result similar to the one presented in the SLA reports tab, uptime line, when grouping by month.

The result from the NRQL is coming with everything at 100% whilst the SLA report comes with smaller percentages (small differences)

I would like to have access to the exact query used by Synthetics to create the Monthly SLA report, as my attempt is not working.

Thank you!


i’ve just discovered that the results are coming correct. When I export to JSON or CSV, the values come right. The problem is in the interface of Synthetics. It’s rounding up the values.
What should I do to solve this problem?

Thank you


Hi @amanda.varella, could you provide a permalink to the specific SLA report so I can take a look? You are correct in noting that different Insights charts perform different rounding calculations when displaying data