Verify multiple SSL using wildcards *

Hey, I’m the owner of a specific domain *
We run over 200 Websites based on this domain, and therefore it’s hard for me to keep track of every SSL certificate. Is there a simpler way than just add every URL to a ping monitor in New Relic Synthetic ? Maybe like a API check which checks every URL including * And verify each SSL certificate. I only need the Days of Expiry so therefore a single request each day would be sufficient

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Hi @d.meyer - You might want to review the thread below which goes into detail, including setting up a dashboard and alert. Do read the whole thread as improvements to the script were made over time.


Thank you for your quick response.
I checked on that Script already but It just catches one single URL.
Sadly, I’m not that deep into API scripting to configure this script to my needings.

There is a sample which will allow you to add more than one url. There is nothing available which would work from wildcard url’s.


Thank @stefan_garnham for sharing this Relic Solution. I hope the sample script helps you with the addition of other URL @d.meyer :slight_smile:

Could you expand up on your use-case? Following @stefan_garnham’s link, you should be able to input an array of URLs to verify several certificates in one API test run.

When you say ‘wildcard’, how would it know which URLs to check? Assuming you own and, how would the monitor possibly know to check for those 2 subdomains and nothing else but those 2?


@d.meyer I also ran your issue by our support team and they confirmed that the help you’re getting from fellow community members @stefan_garnham and @rishav.dhar is exactly the direction they would take.

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