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Video - Creating your first Nerdpack



Are you curious about getting started with Nerdpacks? Not sure how hard it may be?

Check out this video to see just how quick and easy it is to get your first Hello World example up and running. (And be sure to share your Hello World in our competition to win a backpack

Note - running the installer can take ~2-3 minutes - to speed up this video, I did not record that process. Let us know if you run into any problems with the installer.

For a simple reference, below are the commands used in this video:

nr1 profiles:add --name cli-test-account --api-key NRAKxxxxxxxxxxxxx --region us

nr1 create --type nerdpack --name my-awesome-nerdpack

cd my-awesome-nerdpack

nr1 nerdpack:serve

So - Now you can get your first simple Nerdpack up and running, what else do you plan to do?

From custom network traffic visualisers, to map views tracking your drive, what’s possible is only limited by your imagination and Reacts capabilities.

Let us know what you plan to build as your first fully custom Nerdpack, and don’t forget to enter that in for your chance of winning an iPad.