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Video: Installing the Android Agent for Android Studio with Gradle



New Relic’s Mobile Android agent helps you understand how your apps perform in complex real-world environments on any number of devices. This tutorial will cover installing the New Relic Android agent into an existing Android Studio Gradle based project, securing appropriate permissions for the agent, initializing the agent, and enabling optional features.

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I moved a post to a new topic: Errors while installing Android agent


I have set up the new relic crash reporting for our app and have set up everything like in the video.
I have provoked a crash and the debug logs of new relic are fine, it says:
A crash has been detected in dalvik.system.VMStack and will be reported ASAP.
Crash 9f213910-5849-4692-8d23-49ba260a9f4c successfully submitted.
Crash collection took 1229ms
Chaining crash reporting duties to UncaughtHandler
– and some others more

Everyting so far seems ok, however the crash does not appear on the website and it keeps saying enable crash reporting.
I’ve done all the required steps to enable the app, I can see interactions on the website, but no crashes at all.

Please advise!
Vasi Mihalca


This sounds like perhaps the app is not configured to use the correct app token, which is resulting in these crashes being collected but sent to the wrong place.

An important thing to keep in mind is that in New Relic, mobile apps each have their own individual app tokens, unlike APM apps which all use a shared, single license key.

To find an app’s token you can navigate to that Mobile application’s overview dashboard in New Relic, then on the lefthand nav choose Settings > Application. You can also reach this by going to the following URL:<acctID>/mobile/<appID>/edit

Again, keep in mind that this key is different than the account-wide license key, which is found in (account) > Account Settings.

Hope this helps!