Video Statistics

I have a site that has a lot of video’s in it. Being part of the site, I was trying to view statistics on Video being viewed but NR doesn’t seem to capture them. I have tried Browser Interactions, AjaxRequests, PageViews but none show me any data about video files. What needs to be done to ensure the video files / clicks in my site are recorded?

As a side not the region is updated incorrectly. I am in Bangalore, KA, IN but the system records it as Vijaywada, AP, IN

Hi there @sairam.sethu -

Welcome to the community! I would love to help you find some options for monitoring your videos.

To start, as you have found, Browser on its own is not the best place to start. There are a couple of options I would recommend, depending on what you need:

1. Synthetic Monitoring:

Synthetic monitors will return resource timing, so if you are looking to see the time it takes to load that video resource, you should be able to see that in your monitor results, but there would not be stats on the variable bitrate or anything like that scoped to the video player session.

The Synthetics scripted browser monitors run Chrome, so you can write a custom script to do any necessary page interaction you need.

The one issue you might run into is the monitor default timeout is 3 minutes for scripted monitors, and this is not configurable.

2. Open Source projects

We do have a few open source options that may also get you what you need.

Let me know if that does not get you pointed in the right direction!