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Hi all,

I noticed a significant jump in our data usage as a result of our metrics. Unfortunately I don’t know what these metrics are and how I can turn them off.

Is there an easy place I can see all of these and switch them off?


There is a drop down in the upper right of the New Relic One UI that should give you an option to Manage Your Data. This will show you the data ingested recently and what source is the biggest subset of that data.


Hi Ryan,

I can see that but the graph just shows a sum of all the metrics and not which application or service is causing it.

I see

If you can see in that Manage Data page that you have a large amount of data coming from APM Applications, you can then run a query like below to see which app that data is coming from:

Number of Transactions reported per app over the last week

SELECT count(*) FROM Transaction SINCE 1 WEEK AGO FACET appName

Once you find out which app is sending the most data

Highest offending transactions within that app

SELECT count(*) FROM Transaction WHERE appName = 'MyApp1' SINCE 1 WEEK AGO FACET name

If what you see in the Manage data page is not APM, we can adjust those queries to focus on whatever is the biggest data type in your account.

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Excellent, that’s solved it for me. Now I just need to filter these noisy ones out, they are not useful metrics at all.

I’m struggling to find information on how to drop all metric data for selected apps and transactions.


If you would like to drop all data from an app, it would be best to remove the New Relic Agents from those apps.

I don’t know what language agents you are using, but each agent has an equivalent doc. Here’s the Java docs for example:

Uninstall agents:

Alternatively if you still want to monitor the app but not all transactions, you can ignore some of those with the following doc: