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Hello Virtuozzo Support,

I have 7 Virtuozzo containers in Amazon EC2 Instance which the distribution that is installed is Virtuozzo 7.
I know how to work with the Server Monitoring but because inside in every container i have nginx and php installed i want to see the processes in every container.
Could we find a way to see the processes in the containers?


Hello Viktor,

New Relic Servers is set up to monitor processes in Docker containers, but not Virtuozzo. We have never tested with Virtuozzo so we can’t really speak to whether it would work or not.

However, if Virtuozzo uses the same format to manage containers as Docker does, then the New Relic Servers product should play well with it. That is, if Virtuozzo uses a CGroup, and down inside it are stat files, and the root of the CGroup and the path are in formats that we expect from Docker, then New Relic Servers should see the contained processes inside the Virtuozzo container.

I hope this helps to answer your question!