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waitForAndFindElement seems not working



Actual request is:
When the web page is fails to load an element with in 2sec/ 5sec it should fail, but it is resulting not as exepected now. Can someone help us in fixing it.
waitForAndFindElement seems not working

//Find the user name field by specifying its id, then enter the user name. 
$browser.waitForAndFindElement($"email"), 2000).then(function(){ 
return $browser.findElement($"email")).sendKeys("XXXXXXXX"); 
//Find the password field by specifying its id, then enter the password 
return $browser.findElement($"password")).sendKeys("XXXXXXXX"); 
//Click the submit button. 
return $browser.findElement($driver.By.css("button.btn")).click(); 
// Wait for page to Load 
$browser.waitForAndFindElement($driver.By.css(".tenants table"), 5000).then(function(){



Hi @siteops-group - The findElement and waitForAndFindElement both return a promise. If you do not put return on each line which returns a promise, you break the promise chain and the functions will fire randomly. Take a look at the synthetic script samples to get a better understanding.

Note for @RyanVeitch - The documentation example for Wait for a page element has a broken promise chain from the $browser.get which could be causing some confusion.


Thanks @stefan_garnham - I’ll look into that example today and get the docs updated.