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Want to create a funnel, but I don't know where to start



Is there a query that I can use to determine what users go after a homepage start? The assumption is that the homepage is the first place a person visits, is there a method to correlate where users visit first by bookmark or some other method? Where do you get started with picking apart the data?


I viewed this tutorial, but it wasn’t really helpful.

When I try to copy the format, the NRQL has errors so perhaps it was updated since the video was released.


Hi, @reopelle.scott: I don’t think a funnel is what you want. A funnel answers the question, “What percentage of users who perform action X also perform action Y?” You have to decide in advance which actions Y you want to check for. It sounds like you want to answer the question, “After users perform action X, what do they do next?” In other words, you don’t know what actions Y they are performing.

The following query may provide what you are looking for:

SELECT count(*) FROM 
Transaction WHERE appName = 'My Application' 
  AND `request.headers.referer` = '' 
FACET `Dynamo Request URI`

(`Dynamo Request URI` is a custom attribute in your application that appears to record which URL the user requested.)


As always, thanks Phil. Do I interpret the results to indicate, from the home page, these are the number of actions that are taken? If this is so, it demonstrates what is most likely to be the next step after a user visits our homepage.


Yes. “This is the number of requests for URL X in which the referring URL was the home page.”


WOW! That is incredibly powerful. You never disappoint @philweber


Hi, Sorry to jump in on this thread a few months later but that seems like an amazingly useful NRQL query. I implemented it in my own setup but just getting zero transactions. I believe the problem is because that facet “dynamo request URI” does not exist in my world.

I have a Laravel app hosted on Heroku. Would you have any advice @philweber on how I could achieve the same result?


Mick, I usually start by stripping the query down to see what all fields are available. See if this helps you.

Transaction WHERE appName = 'My Application' 
  AND `request.headers.referer` = '' SINCE 7 days ago```


Hi, @mick: The developers of @reopelle.scott ’s application have added a custom attribute to their application to record the URL being requested. I suspect you will have to do something similar.


Well you learn something new every day… I didn’t know that.


I think it’s a sign that you are using a good custom attribute if you don’t realise it’s a custom attribute :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: