Was this page helpful? Stahhhhhp!

Hey, maybe it’s just me, but the question at the top and bottom of every documentation page: “Was this page helpful?” is driving me nuts.

Since I’m new to New Relic, I’m reading a lot of documentation pages, and I find myself clicking the go-away ‘X’ on the question bar, which obscures part of the page, albeit a small part.

I understand the motivation to collect satisfaction data on the page content, but the collection method you’re using is damaging the very satisfaction you are trying to measure.

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@david.pinn -

Thanks for the helpful feedback. I can absolutely understand how frustrating these UI elements can be.

I’m going to send this feedback over to our Documentation team right now. If you have any additional feedback such as what better methods you’d like to see instead to gather document satisfaction, I’ll be happy to pass that along too.

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I recommend placing a feedback icon somewhere on the documentation pages, in a spot that does not obscure the documentation content. The icon could take the user to a Get Satisfaction page (in a separate browser tab), or it should open a dialog box in which the user can provide their comments.

@david.pinn Understood! I’ll send this on to the docs team.

Thanks for your helpful feedback :smiley: