We are looking for a NewRelic DevOps Engineer


  • Collaborate with engineer and system architect colleagues to successfully define cloud backend infrastructure
  • Build, support, modify and maintain cloud solutions required by client projects, both during development and when live
  • Improve the success of projects by contributing to the continual development of our internal development processes such as continuous integration and automated testing
  • Shape and take shared ownership of the ongoing DevOps journey at hedgehog lab
  • Gain experience in a vast array of technologies used in our fast paced environment
  • Identify and maintain appropriate tools used for monitoring and logging of client projects or internal systems (such as our CICD platforms)
  • Recognise problems and be able to arrive at a solution either independently, or with other colleagues



  • 1-2 years experience of a major cloud platform (preferably AWS)
  • Comfortable with Linux based operating systems, able to edit, script and use the CLI
  • 1-2 years Scripting / Programming skills (preferably Bash, Python, Node or Ruby)
  • Familiar with Git and deploying software such as websites


  • An understanding of server, container and serverless based cloud solutions
  • Practical experience using Docker
  • Knowledge of other cloud platforms (preferably Azure but also GCP)
  • Experience with Infrastructure as Code (CloudFormation or Terraform)
  • Working knowledge of Git, Build Servers, Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery and other supporting systems (GitLab is preferable)
  • Working knowledge of mobile and web application development & delivery (iOS and Android with Fastlane, React, Gatsby)
  • Foundational understanding of security principles (such as OWASP Top 10) and experience implementing these principles
  • Comfortable with networking (OSI model, IPv4, addressing & common protocols - HTTP for example)
  • An understanding of SCRUM/agile methodologies and DevOps principles (such as the 3 ways)
  • Implemented or used monitoring tools (such as DataDog, New Relic, Sentry etc.)

For application or more information please email us: REMOVED