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We are no receiving any metrics from this morning


Yesterday we could view all our metrics in our dashboard however this morning nothing it working. Nothing has changed our end so not sure what is going on in new relic. Can someone please help.


Hey @simon.cowling - Do you have any additional information? A link to the account would be helpful for our support team to review the applications.


Hello Ryan our account dashboard is:


Hey @simon.cowling - I’m not seeing any running agents on the account. So we’re not picking up any traffic.

Could you run New Relic Diagnostics to see if it picks up any reason the agent may not be reporting to us.


Hi @simon.cowling - If you are running Windows, check for .Net framework updates. We had one applied on 17th which we fixed by repairing the APM agent installation.


@simon.cowling -

It looks like your apps are using end-of-life .NET agent versions which explains why data stopped reporting for them. See this article. See also this page prior to upgrading.


Hi @simon.cowling - I think that the amazing @Tjd got you the information that best answers your question. Can you let us know if that’s the case? You can mark the answer to your question by clicking the check box icon under the post. That way the rest of the community will know what the solution was as well.