We are not able to cancel our subscription

we got a “New Relic 90 Day Renewal Notice” and don’t want to extend our subscription anymore (Account: 663694).
Todo so, I went to the “Subscription management” page and found this:
“This is a New Relic account which has special pricing terms and privileges.
To request changes to your subscription, please contact our sale team using this form.”
So I followed the form which brings me to https://newrelic.com/contact-sales. Here I filled to form, but never got an answer :frowning: - this was 29.4.2021.

So please, how can we finally get anyone to do anything?

Hey @imod - Thanks for reaching out! I am going to get you in touch with our accounts team regarding your query. Keep an eye out for an Email from them, they will be in touch shortly. :slight_smile:

@imod, they’re totally going to string you along until they have charged you for another year. Best to contact your CC issuer and try and stop the payment that way. Their billing support people are useless, and I’m pretty sure their ‘Customer Advocates’ are fictional.

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@kevindahl I have to say you don’t know how right you are… this probably is the saddest story of support I ever had with any company

Hey @imod

I’m not part of sales so forgive my confusion if this isn’t helpful but you don’t need to email anyone to cancel your subscription typically.

You only need to email if you’re making alterations or adjustments to subscriptions. Cancellation is in your control via the UI.

Have you clicked through the Cancellation process? If so and it fails. What problem are you encountering as this should be an automatic and simple way to control your subscription.

@kevindahl I can assure you nobody at New Relic wants to drip feed a contract out of an unwilling customer. Our customer advocates definitely are real. I know some personally :slight_smile:

@acuffe As I wrote in my first comment, we got a “New Relic 90 Day Renewal Notice” and don’t want to extend our subscription anymore - but there simply is no such option to cancel the renewal anywhere…

Your comments on the screenshots are helpful too, I would have never interpreted the two options the way you described it.

@imod Do you get that option that I screenshot???

If so does clicking through the cancel this subscrption option achieve the goal? I imagine what will happen is that your subscription will adjust to the free tier of New Relic. Where you get 1 free user and 100GB of data and can PAYG for the data consumed. So my expectation here is that you got notice of the subscription. You want to cancel and can do so from the option I screenshot.

Let me know if that’s not the case.

@acuffe yes, I do get that screen/options. But when I try to cancel the subscription then I we only get the option to pay a penalty (which is fair, because we are on an annual subscription model).
But thats not what we want, we want to just cancel the renewal and use the account until it finishes out.

@imod - Got it. I understand where the problem is there now. Let me probe for the right step in that part of the UI to be sure I advise correctly.

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Just FYI - I’ve asked a few people and I’m hoping to get a response from someone on it soon.