We cannot delete our secure token

Hi - we cannot delete our secure token from our account. It says to contact support.

Hi @jake25

Welcome to the community, great to see a post from you again!

Im not 100% sure of the exact context of “secure token”, do you mean license key or a drain Heroku token.

The license key is a 40-character hexadecimal string associated with a New Relic account. When you first sign up for New Relic, an organization with a single account and its own license key are created. If more accounts are added, each account starts with its own license key.

The license key originally created for an account cannot be deleted but you can create additional license keys that can be managed. If for security reasons you need such as key rotation, please let me know.

However if its Heroku token removal it will need to be supported by them, however I do note they have this documentation for support.

Please let me know if my assessments were correct, and if not please reach out with a little more context on the issue.

@dcody API token. I cannot delete this: Image 2022-05-13 at 10.00.4...

Yes it is likely an API token created with the account. Can you please rotate it?

Hi @jake25

I will need to go ahead and create a case with the Accounts team to support this. However before doing so I will need to confirm some account details with you. Please note I have sent you a private direct message, please reply via that message.

Also there may be a self service option you can avail of it would be faster approach to avail of, see NerdGraph tutorial: Manage API keys | New Relic Documentation for guidance. As its for an Heroku account I am not 100% sure it will work. Please do let me know if it proved successful.

Looking forward to hearing from you.