We don’t receive any data anymore

Hi there,

We just abruptly stopped receiving any telemetry data from our infrastructure. We mainly use Newrelic to get insights from our Kubernetes Cluster infrastructure, access logs from all our pods at one place.

None of the above is currently possible, we see error messages that don’t make much sense. What pains us most is we are paying a premium for the service yet nothing is working.

I hope we will get help from someone from Newrelic

Hello @newrelic_admins. Welcome to the Explorers Hub!

I am sorry you have suddenly stopped receiving your data. Were there any changes to your environment such as an update or installation? If possibly, would you kindly provide a link to the New Relic UI where you are no longer seeing your data? Only New Relic admins and users associated with your organization will have access to this link.

Thank you.