We haven’t received any metrics from AWS account


The New Relic metrics streams integration keeps breaking for no reason.

This is the fourth time this has happened.
It will be running for a number of weeks and then with no warning and nothing changed, New Relic will simply no longer receive the stream data.
We have set up the stream every time according to the instructions, and it works for a while when we are done.

However we later notice that we’re not receiving metrics and we have no option but to burn it down and set up the integration again.
Due to the stream already being in place with all the correct permissions this boils down to just deleting the broken integration in NR and creating it new with a name and the ARN of the already correct Role. We then begin receiving metrics again.

What is going on here? How can we rely on NR metrics if this keeps happening for no discernable reason?

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Hi @mike.smith,

I just checked your account and it appears your metric stream is currently sending data to New Relic just fine. With situations such as this, we’d need to dig into the logs on the AWS side to see what is going on, while the problem is occurring.

For more info:
AWS CloudWatch User Guide > Using Metric Streams > Troubleshooting
Monitoring Kinesis Data Firehose Using CloudWatch Logs

Hi @Alaia.Keith
Thanks for the response. Yeah it’s sending now because I had to set it up again. It’s not the kind of thing I can just leave broken for a week while I wait for a response on the NR forums(!)

I’ll look into getting those logs set up (if they are not already)

I’ll post an update here if we notice the stream breaking again.