We’ve got a new look!

As an engineer, you need full visibility into your performance data. That’s why today, we’re changing the way you work with a fresh, new look for all our users! Experience our simplified user interface that helps you be more efficient, solve problems faster, and focus on the data that matter most.

You can still switch back to the old UI by navigating to your account settings menu and toggling New design to Off. If you’ve already tried the new interface and switched back to the old design, you won’t see any changes, but we’d encourage you to give it another try when you get the chance.

With the new interface you can:

  • Solve problems quicker with simple and intuitive navigation.
  • Increase efficiency by customizing your experience and pinning and unpinning features that are relevant to you.
  • Make the most out of your data by ingesting new data sources with easy access to hundreds of onboarding flows.

Learn more about the new UI by checking out the docs transition guide, tips & tricks blog post, and demo video.

We’d love to hear what you think. Reach out to your account team or contact New Relic Support if you have questions or feedback.