Web response - NRQL


Im trying to create a NRQL for web response time. Ive seen this and added it in my test environment but cant try it out just yet due to lack of traffic. Can anyone confirm this syntax is correct or anything I need to add?

SELECT average(duration) FROM Transaction FACET host.displayName

In the graph - are the units at the side correct? Or should they go up in 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2 etc


Hi, @paul.donnelly: Your query will only show results for hosts that have a displayName configured; you may wish to simply FACET by host.

The Y-axis scales automatically based on the range of data returned. It looks like you have a data point of 75 seconds, so the Y-axis is scaled accordingly; if all your duration values were low, the Y-axis would display smaller values:

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