Web transactions are not displaying

Hello, I using the Go agent to record web transactions and some transaction are displaying and some other are not displaying. It is weird, but all transactions are displaying as web transaction in the overview page, but some transactions are not displaying in the transaction section. I am checking the debug trace on my agent instance and I see that all the web transactions are sent to NewRelic correctly.
Here is my APM:


If you see it, in the last 3 hours since 7:00 in (GMT-03:00) Time zone, there are some web transactions that are displayed and some others are not.
Here is some boards screenshot that describes it:


Thanks you for your support.

Hi @mario.chacon, we saw you opened a support ticket for this issue and we are working on this in the ticket.

For people who may come across, this issue is caused by Metric Grouping Issues in the account. Because large numbers of unique metrics reporting in some applications in the account, the account has reached the 4 million metrics limit. A whitelist rule has been applied automatically to prevent new metrics from reporting. The transactions already reported will keep reporting, but new transactions won’t get reported.

Usually a ticket will be created if an agent detects an MGI in an application and the email will be sent to account owner and admins. We encourage customers to engage with us to address the issue to avoid data losing.


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Hi, I feel that my account may be experiencing this same problem, although the full transactions views shows only 166 rows currently. I am working to improve grouping that may bring that total to something much closer to 100, but I wonder if you can confirm that to be the actual problem for my account?

As an example, I am expecting to see several transactions prefixed with “/legacyapi” because those endpoints were recently introduced, but I am seeing none. Also, there are some critical web endpoints that used to show up, but now usually do not, although on occasion I do see some small amount of data for them.

Please let me know what we should do to mitigate this problem, as well as any detail you can find regarding the underlying reason why this is happening for our account.

Hi @nick42 - It looks like your account does have a metric grouping issue (MGI), I’ll create a ticket for you so our experts in this field can help you get that resolved. :smiley:

For your reference, my colleague Jesse has a series on MGIs that you may find helpful in understanding the problem:

Thanks for the response. Can you confirm anything your team found during investigation?

Is there any documentation on how many unique transaction names we can expect to track? I thought that a few hundred is fairly normal and maybe even low for complex website. Our NewRelic transactions list is showing 166 right now and is probably missing at least 20-50. We can and will improve grouping to reduce transaction names, but getting that below 100, for example, may not be realistic because we do in fact have over 100 unique endpoints that we would like to track.

Please let me know what we should be doing from here.

Hey @nick42 - I’m not an expert on MGIs - so I’m not 100% sure on the information to provide to you here.

My colleagues however have reached out to you in the ticket that I created for you. Did you see that?

Hey I see that now, did not know the ticket link prior to you sending it over. Thanks, and I’m working within that ticket now.

Hey @nick42 - you should have received an email when I created the ticket - that may be in your spam folder :confused:

Anyway - for now you have the link to the ticket, so you can keep on working with the right people here. Thanks!! :slight_smile: