Web Transactions Count

I like to have an accurate count of web transactions (API requests) for my application. The transaction count reported in insights( https://one.newrelic.com/launcher/dashboards.launcher#launcher=eyJ0aW1lUmFuZ2UiOnsiYmVnaW5fdGltZSI6bnVsbCwiZW5kX3RpbWUiOm51bGwsImR1cmF0aW9uIjo2MDQ4MDAwMDB9fQ==&pane=eyJuZXJkbGV0SWQiOiJkYXNoYm9hcmRzLmRhc2hib2FyZCIsImVudGl0eUlkIjoiTWpBME1qSTRPWHhXU1ZwOFJFRlRTRUpQUVZKRWZEZzVNRE14T0EiLCJpc1RlbXBsYXRlRW1wdHkiOmZhbHNlfQ==) is much less than reported by the application log file.

Example on 5/21

application logs reported 13.4 million API requests vs 3.4 millionapi request in insights.

Is insights capturing all the API requests ? I need to report all API requests.

Please advise.

Hi, @anant.sajnani1: You may find this post helpful:

Insights will not ingest more that 10,000 requests per minute. To always see an accurate call count, you should view the HttpDispatcher/call_count metric.

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Thank you.

  1. I will set max_samples_stored in the newrelic.yml file.
  2. Can I break down the HttpDispatcher/call_count by API?
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Hey @anant.sajnani1 nice to see you in the forum! =D

I went to check your account and it looks like there are no Admins listed with an Admin API key. Was hoping to provide the precise query to your metrics, but yes; you can do HttpDispatcher/call_count like:


Though, that’s just showing you the metric you can query from the API, in the metric explorer in Insights.

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Thanks for the above @netheroth . How do I narrow down the results to particular api end points.

Within that metric, you would not be able to break out the data by endpoint. That’s not something that is captured and stored in THAT metric. However, with Distributed Tracing, there are Span events generated, which would capture data like what you’re asking about. If you haven’t already enabled it on your applications, you should consider it!

Look that over and see if that feature might help you separate out the information you’re looking for!

~ @jlangdon

Thanks [jlangdon]. I have distributed_tracing:true turned on in my new relic file. Is itll don’t see distribute tracing stats on the account. Please advise.

Hi @anant.sajnani1! Distributed Tracing needs to be enabled on both applications. So the service your app is calling would also need to have New Relic APM running with DT enabled, as well.

Is that the case?

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