Webinar: Do DevOps Right with New Relic July 12 2017

DevOps is the future of software development. However, getting from here to there can often be a disruptive and difficult transition. Breaking down your siloed environment, training (and retraining) people, and fostering cultural changes, all takes time, dedication, and resources. If done properly, the end result is a collaborative development and operations environment that delivers better software, faster — with happier employees and, ultimately, happier customers.

In this webinar, Software Solutions Architect, Michael Coughlin, shows how New Relic can help make your DevOps journey smoother and smarter. As a vital tool in your DevOps toolchain, learn how the New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform can:

  • Give previously separate teams shared visibility
  • Empower users to deploy more often and with more confidence
  • Accelerate the time to value of your DevOps efforts

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