Website feedback


Sorry if this is in the wrong place, im looking to provide some feedback / ask questions about the new website layouts?

For example when on the Summary where can I choose what version of the app im filtering too now? doesn’t seem to be available on the new layout but its a feature we use a lot.



Hi, @kthompson: Are you referring specifically to Mobile apps? I don’t think APM or Browser have the concept of version numbers. If so, I agree that the version filter appears to be missing from the new view.


Yeah I should have specified that, Sorry. I am on the mobile apps page.

I also spotted in the last change a few months ago when, when you select a build to view, if you change from summary to crashes the filter resets back to showing all versions again. it never used to do that.



Is there any way to officially feed this info back to the team for fixing?

Hi, @kthompson: You may use the feedback feature built into the product: