Weekly Email of data we want with custom time frames

Hello, I’m new to New Relic and I’m responsible for presenting data provided by New Relic in a weekly meeting. As such, I was exploring data provided by the Weekly report. Unfortunately, it does not present in format I wish to have that we drill down to normally.


  1. Can I change the date period of the data being provided in an email data report? (We show data from Saturday 12:00 am to Friday at 11:59 pm.
  2. Can I change the format of the information being sent to me? Example: we go to our site at https://rprm.newrelic.com and select one of the name instances. We then select SLA or Availability from the reports. By default it shows Weekly but we want to get an email with each instances Monthly SLA report. On this page we have to select metrics to show trends. We would like to have this populated with the metrics we want and the 12 month chart sent to us in the weekly email. Another example is we present “Availability Last 7 days only” AND the metrics page as shown when I select the instance.

Finally, what would be even better is I present via a PowerPoint. We currently embed excel spreadsheet data that gets auto update. If there was a way to link to a widget in New Relic that shows the data we want and auto updates our PP slide on X date and time this would be optimum.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @david.abowitt - None of the features you have specified are currently available directly from the UI. However, you could get the information you require by using the Insights API called from the MS Office files using code in a macro to pull the data down.

Here is a post with sample queries for the SLA report.

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