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Welcome New Explorers | February 27 2019



Welcome! :dart:

It’s the best time of the week: time to officially introduce all the new folks! We love that you are here. Please feel free to jump in the community right away: have a question or idea, let us know! We love hearing from you and we especially love teaching opportunities! Happy monitoring!

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Welcome to the party Simon!

Welcome to the big show! I’ve found that if you want to get to know the system a great place to start is in the insights area. This area kinda forces you to understand what metrics are readily available to you. I found this area to be extremely helpful because I had to learn about the data New Relic pulls and how to structure that data to accommodate my clients needs.

Apply yourself to this area and you WILL have a better understanding of its capabilities.


Welcome welcome! I’m an SRE that uses new relic pretty consistently at work. Start out with APM/ Insights as those are the two broadest sections and have the most high-level data. That’s how I started. Then I added Infrastructure to the mix as that gives a lot of great data as well. I also use Synthetics, but I didn’t start using that until recently. Once you have data going in, start playing around in APM and try writing some NRQL queries. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but not much. Especially if you are familiar with SQL!


Hello everyone, Exploring New Relic as part of my performance Engineer role

It has been a learning and rewarding path so far.

By Rewarding - I quite literally mean the Swag contest :slight_smile:


Welcome all! As an OPS Mgr, been using New Relic now for the past year-plus! Something I’d recommend to anyone getting started is to visit and run through intro videos for any of the products you’re using and/or interested in (i.e. APM, Insights). They will give you a base understanding of both capability and use-cases for each offering and, at least for myself as someone who was new to New Relic, it really helped provide a great starting point! Additionally, the Community/Forums are a great source of info, especially as you get into more complex NRQL queries or Synthetics (Scripted Browser/API).


Welcome aboard the New Relic community Hub train. There are many topics already covered to get you started. The New Relic documentation, videos, as well as the community hub all provide great sources right at your finger tips to make sure you are well on your way to get started. Look forward to meeting you on the forums.


Welcome to all the new members of the community. Feel free to reach us out or find the great number of posts that already cover almost all the aspects of the product.

Regards from Brazil.


Hello and welcome to New Relic’s awesome community! I am an SRE who continues to learn new things with New Relic, daily. It’s also extremely fun and exciting to work with tools such as APM, Insights Dashboards, and Infrastructure. Plus it helps that the community and support are great. Also, free swag!

Don’t forget to utilize the documentation and take the courses on New Relic University, to set you on the right track to becoming a certified pro!


Welcome, new explorers! I’m a user researcher at New Relic and am excited to learn from you so we can improve your experience!


Welcome! I’m a Lead Software Engineer and a New Relic fan.


Hello to All New explorers, I am an iOS Developer interested in monitoring health of our app and help Product team keep track of KPIs with help of Dashboarding. Every time I learn something new from this community about how to improve your monitoring and dashboarding


Hi! :slight_smile: love learning from others and have been a bit of a lurker on the forums…but I’m here! :slight_smile: Digital Solutions Architect working with Amazon Web Services and Adobe Experience Manager


Welcome all!
Lots of good info here, and even more helpful people.

Hope to see you around!


Just shout if you need any help, there’s some very knowledgeable people around here. If it’s alerting, direct it at me - I should be able to help.


Hi all, I’m a python engineer and mostly wonder why new relic truncates my slow sql queries :man_shrugging:t2:


NewRelic is fantastic!


Hello there! Welcome aboard.


Hello - I love insights NRQL any the active community around that product. I am always checking out how people visualize there data and those sweet dashboards.


welcome to the community!


Hi there, just started learning about New Relic - implementation and monitoring of apps!