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Welcome New Explorers | February 27 2019



First, Welcome all!
Second, would like to know why there is not an option to trigger event notifications from a warning level event? I would like to be able to be more proactive without having to watch the screen the entire time. I have seen at least one thread on the topic but nothing new.


Hi everyone! Excited to meet others here!


I am new to New Relic, excited to explore what New Relic can do.


Hello everyone! The community is amazing, please don’t hesitate to post and ask questions.


Hello! I’m a web dev and a New Relic fan posting here to earn a Mystery Swag Prize Pack :smiley:


Hi! I’m glad to be on board. I’m a software engineer and AWS specialist.


Welcome to all the new members of the community. Feel free to reach us out or find the great number of posts that already cover almost all the aspects of the product.


I’m a software engineer using New Relic Insights to get detailed information on how my software is behaving in the wild. We have a few small libraries that exist inside larger applications and need to know when things go wrong without throwing exceptions. We are very happy with New Relic and can’t imagine not being able to observe our projects.


Hi, I’m a longtime user of New Relic but first time posting. Mostly use Ruby/React stack these days. Love the insights that New Relic gives us. Thanks!


Welcome All!! I am a Cloud DevOps Engineer at Mindtree Ltd Bangalore. I am exploring NewRelic community since last month. I have been using NewRelic since last year. I am having very good experience with it. Thanks New Relic team.
Last month I have attended New Relic Future Stack @Bangalore. Learnt new stuff and enjoyed the event. Looking forward for more such events. @Suneelvks4

-Imran Hussain


Welcome all,I have started exploring new relic few months back.Now somewhat i am a big fan of the new relic as well as the explorer’s hub.Also I am using new relic daily as part of my work


Just getting into New Relic - Liking what I see!


Welcome all !! I’m a SRE at Pearson, More in to monitoring stuff, A big fan of newrelic


Hello guys, I’m a NodeJS/PHP Programmer. Love NewRelic and excited to discover new NRQL’s :slight_smile:


Welcome guys … New Relic services have come up as a fantastic solution for our Managed Services team.


welcome guys!! newrelic is awesome!!


Hey @n.curde - We tend to think that if when being notified, there’s a chance it’s going to wake someone up. That should only be for the most critical of issues. The options currently are Warning level, so you can be aware of data spikes when you’re next looking at the NR dashboards, and critical level when something deserves to wake someone up for.

For cases where you need notifications for more proactive monitoring, we recommend lowering your critical threshold to the point you deem it necessary to receive notifications.

With all that said, this thread isn’t the best place to chat about this what with the number of other messages coming in here. Feel free to comment over on the feature idea post and we can continue to chat there :smiley:


Welcome New Explorers !!. New Relic has very vibrant community and it has helped my team a lot during last year. Feel free to reach out …


Hi folks! Ryan here, I’m the Community Moderator here at New Relic, it’s great to see so many of you here introducing yourselves.

Feel free to post your questions and help each other out here in the Explorers Hub. We’re here to help from the NR side whenever needed, so feel free to @ tag me if you need me :smiley:


Yes welcome to the fun that is the NewRelic Explorers.

Such a friendly font of knowledge where no stone gets left unturned, all questions answered, loads of info imparted and swag abounds :grin::gift: