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Welcome New Explorers | February 27 2019



We have some firewall issues in slack registration and also profile photo is not getting uploaded here. Can you confirm if i am still eligible for the mystery swag?


That’s odd, is there any way you could try on a different network to get around those firewall problems?


Hello - Just started learning new relic and exploring it’s features


Hello guys!!!
I am Treasure and I have never been more excited to join a community especially one as vibrant as this.
I love the newrelic soultions, their simplicity to deploy and the amazing magnitude of data they collect REAL TIME!!!
Let the Value sharing begin !!!:grin::grin::grin:


Hi there, just started learning about New Relic implementation and monitoring of apps.


Welcome to all the new members of the community. Feel free to reach us out or find the great number of posts that already cover almost all the aspects of the product


Welcome all :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome newbies :smile:


Welcome All :blush: Excited to be a part of New Relic :partying_face:


Just got here myself. Either too late or too early to get my account in the list of New Explorers. Already digging in to investigate an outage. I have a lot to learn.


Hi everyone,

I am new to New Relic and have just started learning about it. I have been working with Golang and Node primarily and I am finding things about New Relic. Can’t wait to go in depth into it.


Welcome to the Hub. (Go back and read that in Samuel L. Jackson’s voice and picture yourself as a new member of an elite organization protecting your systems, clients and bottom line.)


Hello Everyone. I use New Relic as a dev-ops engineer. I like to think my specialty is synthetics. We use them for our applications to make sure they’re up and running 24/7.


Hi everyone trying to get the devops thing with monitoring off the ground with New Relic


All of these amazing welcome messages make my little Community Manager heart sing. :heart:


I don’t know if I should pick favourites, but your profile avatar is my favourite. :smiley:


Hello everyone! Nice to be here! :slight_smile:


Hello, Welcome aboard all. DevOps Engineer using NR to monitor and alert the health of our application. Like to work and setup NR insights, Dashboards & Infra related monitoring and learn new features related to NR.


Hi from Atlanta! I would like to invite @sjackson and @cmcgough to New Relic Explorers


Hello from Portland, Maine, USA! I feel I have a lot to learn about unlocking the power of New Relic, but if it leads to a better user experience for my site visitors, it will be worth it. Nice to meet you all.