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Welcome New Explorers | February 27 2019



Welcome Newbies!!! I have been using New Relic now for about 2 years. My specialty is Synthetics and have found (with the help of the Hub) quick and easy ways to develop and launch my synthetics in a fraction of the time than with our previous tool which shall not be mentioned. The Hub is a great place to collaborate and find the answers you are looking for!

I would like to welcome @lisa.gates to the Hub!


Welcome to the community. Sharing and Learning


Welcome all, this is the place where we do stuff and things:


Welcome fellow explorers. As a product manager I’ve been using New Relic for two years and it has provided great detail on both performance and usage. Even for a small company like ours, it has saved our bacon a few times!


Welcome all! I’m a Cloudops engineer at mindtree.
Newrelic fan
It is a great platform to learn, Discuss and explore our thoughts.
Thank you!!!
Welcome guys @mark.cornelio @imranplay.devops


Waiting for the swag!


Hello All!!
i have been using New Relic over an year.
Great tool and cool features!!!
I would like to invite @kurian.besin to the community.

Thank you


Hello!, my name is Juan Ignacio Durante, I am 27 years old and I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is nice to be part of this community! Cheers!


Happy to be here. looking forward to learning from the community


Welcome to the party @simon.ravenhill



I’m new to New Relic, but have been working with it a lot recently as part of my Application Performance Analyst role and I’ve been pleased in my experience so far! I hope to learn more about NRQL and Insights quickly to get more information, quickly out of New Relic!


Welcome to the New Relic Community!

I’m the VP of Engineering at CloudHesive, where we use New Relic on a day to day basis to help us triage issues with our customer’s applications as well as proactively alert us to performance and reliability issues.

I’m most comfortable with APM and Synthetics - happy to help in any way I can…