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Welcome New Explorers! | June 20, 2018



Ya’ll. I am coming clean here. Our great friend @Linds has been out on vacation for a bit now, and I totally failed to keep this up in her absence! Apologies to all the new faces in here who did not get a formal welcome! But also, it’s a lot of people every week, so I don’t want to clog up the system by @mentioning ever single person that I missed in the last 3 weeks. Please just accept my very humble apology, and then join me in welcoming the folks who have joined in the last week.

Welcome New Explorers! :rocket:

@ctan.nraj @ashley.dodson @reelio @rafael.carvalho @evgeny.pestov @birgit.heubach @major_slackr @jeffrey.koetsier @waltervr @Volkmar.Guss @aalexeev @johannes.beck @benjamin.conconi @Chanchal.Jacob2 @cpandya @eddiebachle @boopathy.thangamani @et4891 @rchawla @angelo.girardi @dushyanth @richard.l.desmond @abeauchemin @ylie @syamane1 @KThomson @mlmorneau @SethuramanG @danielrocha @achesnes @treblin @msgibbard @Eric.Thieme @Jamie.Banks @Daniel.SmartRojas @Ryan.Clark @aaron7 @Florian.Zeeb @dalfonso @RexChris @Michele.Santoro @atextor @johannes.ruopp @Jonas.Guenther @florian.kaltner @vedurumu @Joerg.Fleischer @david.geiger @johannes.herter @KirkRoger.Nemeth @Nikola.Gahle @munibabu.i @bolsz @Karim.Medany @dleonov @mgunlogson @nogueiraj @jp_dc @pablo.molnar @achaikin @dan_slattery @zsgasg7 @mcolton @aservedio @mjaworski @Matthias.Minnig @desportes @adrian.dornan @gareth2 @TAIMOR @ujetmedia @andrew.stevens @bchan @rmuller @mavram @ak47surve @pranta.das @pbryan @AFG @valeksic @csnodgrass @HawesL @mymy @wyue @Michael_lee @gilian.monteiro @Cchan @rkubis @sascha.curth @gkumar @alan8 @loic.guerrin @aptrus2 @Kyoungsu @kugiya @ilan.tabor @jowen @cparmar @pvangala @xoibsurferx @stallin @ryan.king @sspates @jgranrose @craigfinch @choltje @dennis_holder1 @mcduffs @sarah.filz @stephan.bieringa @Tahnee.Evans @nocgroup @TimCh @GGfren @animjain @dvs @stefanahmanapoex @adiesner @love.ottosson @georgiana.tepelus @jerome @ye.zhu @Wellington.Ozorio @sjacob @hwilkalis @RCSnook @JK837U @carodriguez @Iraklis.Kyriakidis @lalita @crossbrowsertesting @Ross.Karchner @daniel.totaro @ife @eoin.oshaughnessy @harsh.sorathiya @douglin @jbl @ian.parsons @k.sagan @guramritpal.singh @utsav @fabio.antunes @apokhmelnykh @iainb @pavanak9 @woppermann @prasanth.krishnan @prince.vohra @nareshk @alibazzi @michael.fairchild

If any of you need anything at all, please let me know! And as a reminder, you may want to check out the Getting Started in the community category for helpful hints about how to make the most of your Explorers Hub account!