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Welcome New Explorers | March 13 2019



Welcome :nazar_amulet:

Today is the best day of the week! I want to welcome everyone that is new to our New Relic community! In the Explorers Hub you will find a lot of helpful New Relic information as well as a lot of people eager to help you out. If you think of a question, or have a business case to share, let us know! We are here when you need us. :blush:

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Hi everyone! :grinning:

Time for Spring Cleaning - Explorers Hub Contest

Hello Everyone ; Hello Linds

Im Peruvian. working in Peru. I will promote New Relic to 100 top enterprises in Peru. I Am electronic engineer. Many year in Telecommunication Market. And now i am following courses to get certified in New Relic.

I will like to know if there is any contract like NDD or partner agreement to sign.

THank you


Hi All! I’m Damien, based out of Atlanta. My experience spans fintech, martech and now “tech” tech! Here to help in any way I can regarding outbound sales strategy and anything Excel-related.



Hello everyone! My name is Scott Leonard. I am employee#1 and lead architect at TaxBit, which is a crypto currency tax preparation software company. I have worked for many years building data conversion and synchronization pipelines. Monitoring and scalability testing are crucial to this work, so I have used New Relic in my stack on most of my projects. I have worked at startups, so budgets are usually tight, but New Relic is one of the first tools I add to my stack, and I have never had trouble convincing the business of it’s value.


Hey everyone! I’m a Platform Reliability Engineer Co-op who is focused on all things New Relic. I’m currently creating dashboards in Insights and have already been helped by all the useful posts on the explorer hub.


Hello! I’m a DevOps, mostly working to automating the deployment of apps in managed kubernetes. We use New Relic to monitor our apps and send alerts if something looks wrong.


Howdy, I’m developer embracing CI/CD and we use New Relic to monitor performance on our systems.


Hi everyone! I am a Cloud & Automation Architect and we use New Relic to monitor our systems.


Hi Friends,

I’m happy to use New Relic this amazing product ever for monitoring.
no, any manual configuration required, only run new relic agent your infra, agent start work #Robotic :robot: .
Currently, I’m Working on Azure technology with MNC company and day to day my task monitor infra and app with the help of new relic.
We are using almost all New Relic product for monitoring.

Thank you this is a great experience for work with this tool.
@Linds - Thank you for this platform to express our suggestions, thoughts :innocent: contest :computer:, prizes :red_gift_envelope: t::confetti_ball:.


Hello and welcome Everyone!

I’m a devops guy and we use NewRelic to monitor our Java and other apps. We use the full suite of
products so I have lots to learn from the community here!