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Welcome New Explorers | March 6 2019



Hello all from Wilmington NC


Hello All , Excited to learn New Relic


Hello fellow Explorers. Does anyone else have any ideas regarding more advanced New Relic training?

Here are some isubject areas and topics that I have an interest in seeing more topic groups and content targeted towards. There are more areas, like mobile, but I don’t use that so I’ll speak to what I do:

  • Certified APM Specialist: application performance analysis covering topics like transaction trace detail analysis (summary, detail and maps), error analysis and profiles, custom attribute configuration, server-side configuration (transaction tracing and error collection), service maps, distributed tracing, key transaction analysis, report configuration
  • Certified Data Analyst: Data-driven dashboards with NRQL, baseline and outlier configuration, using tags, widget creation, dashboard data app creation, templates and replication, Browser/Synethics/APM/Browser/Integration/Plugin metric and event analysis
  • Certified SysAdmin: creating role based access controls per application, browser, or synthetic monitor groups; license usage analysis and tuning, waste reduction - identifying low value, high frequency resource consumption
  • Certified Developer: Plugin install, configuration, and development, metrics and event creation, various API use
  • Certified DevOps: installation, configuration, deployment, customization, Events API, separation of code and configuration
  • Certified Synthetics Developer: simple browser and API test creation, Insights data injections, Node.js library, handling asynchronous communications, NR API, quick Node.js tutorial for commonly used libraries like assert, promises, etc.


Super keen for the new starters


Welcome everyone!
Nice to be here :smiley:


Thanks to community for all the assistance making an already awesome tool work perfectly for my deployment. We’ve been using New Relic for our customer facing data services since 2016.


Hello all … Hoping for some spring swag !!


This sounds great. I’d also like to see some of these.


Learning, learning, learning


Weighing in to make sure there isn’t any part of the process overlooked!


Hi Friends,

I’m happy to use New Relic this amazing product ever for monitoring.
no, any manual configuration required, only run new relic agent your infra, agent start work #Robotic. :robot:
Currently, I’m Working on Azure technology with MNC company and day to day my task monitor infra and app with the help of new relic.
We are using almost all New Relic product for monitoring.

Thank you this is a great experience for work with this tool.
@Linds - Thank you for this platform to express our suggestions, thoughts :innocent: , contest :computer:, prizes :gift: .


My pleasure, @vikramsawant99! I wish I could take full credit for this amazing community :wink: I have an amazing team that would agree: we couldn’t do this fun work without all of you!


Hello all.

Welcome to the community .


Hello All, Feeling Nice to be part of this community. Looking forward to using more and more of newrelic.


March 2019 Welcome New Explorers… Here I go


Hello everyone! Cool to see this exists!


I love new relic but it is a little expensive for me. Is there a partnership program or something like that so I can offer new relic to my clients for a reduced price?


Hi, I am a newbie. I work for a company using New Relic for some apps and I really want to learn it.

An of course, I am here because of the prize! :slight_smile:


Hi All. Nice to be here.


Hi :wave: nice to meet everyone, no longer a lurker :laughing: !