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Welcome our New Badges! Which will you earn?


You gave us advice, we did a lot of math, and now we’re ready to unveil our brand new badges! You can check them all out here:

Cool! But what now? What’s a badge?

Badges are your chance to show off your New Relic expertise and your commitment to the Explorers Hub. You can earn them in a number of different ways, and they show up in your profile:

and in your profile card:

I love a good badge! How do I earn them?

You earn badges by doing things that help the community. Filling out your profile, reading posts, marking answers, etc. all add value to the Explorers Hub, so we want to reward you for doing those things. Check out the badges overview page to see exactly what you need to accomplish for each badge. It should be written right in the description, but if you have any questions, let us know!

What’s this stuff about Local/Global/Intergalactic?

I suppose it’s not always true, but in the case of badges, more is ALWAYS better! For some of you, reading 50 topics a month is just WHAT YOU DO. So you need a challenge, and we’re here to help. Think of Local / Global / Intergalactic as the Bronze / Silver / Gold versions of each of the badge types, but you know, Explorers Hub themed! If you get a Local version of a badge, dig deeper and get that Global version!

Wait a minute. I HAD a badge, and now it’s not on my profile!

Badges are awarded in different ways so they can show up - and disappear - from your profile in different ways as well:

  • Some badges are for “firsts” (think ‘First Like’) so you can only earn them once, and they never disappear.
  • Campaign badges (awarded manually for participation) can be awarded once, or multiple times, but they should never disappear.
  • Our Local / Global / Intergalactic badges apply when you’ve met the criteria in the last 30 days. Every night a script runs to make sure you still meet the criteria. If you don’t, the badge is removed. You’ll have to up your stats to get that badge back!

Sure. So how do I track my progress in earning those badges?

Whelp. You can’t. Not yet anyway. This is something we would love to make available to you in the future, so hang tight.

I have a great idea for a badge!

Oh yeah? We love great ideas! Feel free to share below or send me a DM! Maybe we can name it in your honor!

Any other questions or concerns? Please let us know!