Welcome to Nerdvana, fellow SolarWinds geeks!

Throughout the month of June 2020, Zack Mutchler and myself have been focused on how to break down the data silos that have plagued the monitoring world for far too long. In our series of blog posts on observability, we launched in with the theory and vision behind our madness.

In part 2 of the blog series, Zack did a deep dive into how you can build that bridge using out-of-the-box functionality in both New Relic and the SolarWinds Orion platforms.

I’ve long preached about the importance of data as we do our work and how monitoring was the perfect place for someone like me, who loves data and storytelling, to immerse themselves in data storytelling. As a SolarWinds THWACK MVP for 5 years, I learned that the democratization of data was the key to our success.

With that vision of Democratized Access to Data in mind, Zack and I invite you to share your tips and tricks for sharing data between SolarWinds Orion and New Relic. If you have questions, ideas for pulling data, or if you’ve built something especially awesome and want to run it by us for validation, reach out to us here!

Keep an eye on blog.newrelic.com too – I hear that @zack.mutchler is working on a very interesting part 3 to our series of Observability for SolarWinds Orion.