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How are you supposed to ask a support question here?


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Hey @notify4

We have a couple of resources that can clear that up for you;

Either, read through the How to ask a question and get it answered post. This will give you some tips on posting your question

Or just hit this link, to be taken to the a thread creation page
Just make sure you select the most relevant category for our experts to see your questions :smiley:

ehm, hello support? :)))
is there a way to talk one on one with a support agent? kinda weird to be thrown into a community forum by clicking “support”. I guess will go subscribe for DataDog :laughing: , this is a pretty bad support model.


Hi @dima1, welcome to the community. Can you let me know what your specific support question is so that we can get you connected with someone from our team? Also probably best to separate this out to its own topic since this thread is rather old. I’ll wait on your reply to do that though. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @JoiConverse

Why you don’t close this thread at all?
Who had the “brilliant” idea to redirect all support traffic to this?

Similar to @dima1, I come here when I click “Create a support ticket” link.

You have great tutorials and guides on all sections, you have good “traps” on reaching support, to avoid dummy questions, but, people that use the platform, they know what are talking about and if they need support… then they really need it!

Or, the why that this work, means we need to public report (your) Platform issues?


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@mike53 Appreciate your feedback and others while we continuously seek to improve the community experience. We take into account the diverse needs and levels of experience with every interaction.

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