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Welcome to New Relic Support & the Explorers Hub


Welcome to the Explorers Hub!

New Relic staff and customers are here to make sure that you get your questions answered. Here’s what you can expect:

  • This is an official support channel. Our Global Technical Support staff are here to help you.
  • Every new post will receive a response within 2 business days.

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How are you supposed to ask a support question here?

split this topic #3

A post was split to a new topic: Help with PHP Errors


Hey @notify4

We have a couple of resources that can clear that up for you;

Either, read through the How to ask a question and get it answered post. This will give you some tips on posting your question

Or just hit this link, to be taken to the a thread creation page
Just make sure you select the most relevant category for our experts to see your questions :smiley: