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What are the effects of changing the Apdex -T?



Does historical data get recalculated? Meaning, if I have had an Apdex steady at .96 for a year, and I suddenly cut my Apdex -T in half, will the past year still show .96 or will it show something lower because I have lowered the thresholds for frustration and dissatisfaction?

Also, are there any repercussions to updating the -T value back and forth?



HI, @aaron.henderson: No, historical Apdex data is not recalculated when you change the threshold. I cannot think of any negative effect from changing the Apdex threshold, other than the fact that if you set it to a random value, you will not have valid Apdex data during that time.

If you want to experiment with different Apdex thresholds, you might consider using New Relic Insights:

SELECT apdex(duration, 0.5) 
FROM Transaction
WHERE appName = 'My Application' 
SINCE yesterday