What causes Apdex low?

I do not quite understand what exactly caused Apdex low? here is the screenshot of the response time comparison of today and last week. I do not see much difference, except for the Apdex score chart. How is Apdex score of App server calculated (I know the theory, but I still not quite clear how to apply to theory to the real usecase)? From the response time chart, seem there is no much difference. but why Apdex score is so much different?

Hi, @wshao1: The Apdex score is not very different: 0.95 last week, 0.90 this week. If you switch the dashboard to classic view, you can hover your mouse cursor over Apdex chart and see how the score was calculated.

Hi Phil,
Thanks for the response. What confuses me is, from the chart, you can see, the resp time is not always above 500 millisec, but why Apdex is low during that period?

My another question is about the red area. What is the rule to mark the start and end of red areas? Why are there two red colors (on both sides color is lighter). If you say, it has been below 0.95 for 10 minutes, then mark it as start of red, OK, but what about the end of red area? Thanks.

If you hover your mouse cursor over the lines in the Apdex chart, it will tell you how the Apdex score was calculated. Keep in mind that Apdex looks at individual transaction response times, while the duration chart is showing average response times.

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The red shaded areas indicate critical alert violations. If your alert condition says, for example, “Apdex below 0.95 for 10 minutes”, the light color indicates the 10-minute period during which the score was below the threshold before the violation was triggered.

Once the metric goes above the threshold, it must remain there for 10 minutes before the violation is closed; that is the light red color after the alert incident.

Understood. Looks like the red area can only be drawn afterward (after it happened and met the alert condition).

This is another question. we use New Relic API (in terraform), Our condition is 10 minutes, but we still got alert even the duration is 9 minutes?

That is a question for tech support.