What data bam.nr-data.net sends?

Hello All,

I see bam.nr-data.net sends various metrics. (n":0,“f”:0,“dn”:2,“dne”:2,“c”:2,“s”:21,“ce”:81,“rq”:87,“rp”:1286,“rpe”:1391,“dl”:1296,“di”:2394,“ds”:2394,“de”:2690,“dc”:4357,“l”:4357,“le”:4360)
I wonder what n, dn, dne, c, s … etc. stand for?

I understand that Browser Navigation API is used but I’m curious how all of it is calculated. I mean what events were used.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, @StanislauP: If you look at a session trace, you should be able to figure what the various metrics refer to:

n = navigationStart
f = fetchStart
dn = domainLookupStart
dne = domainLookupEnd
c = connectStart
s = secureConnectionStart


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@philweber, thank you.

Looks like you were able to get your answer from the wonderful Phil Weber, @StanislauP!

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