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What database does New Relic Insights use?



for example,


Hi, @bakhtiyor: New Relic’s analytics features (including Insights, but also Error Analytics, Filterable Geography, and our new Infrastructure product) use a proprietary database that we call NRDB. More information in this blog post:


Hi @philweber,

There are less information about NRDB.

Is it on top of some db engine or from scratch?
is it SQL or NoSQL base?
is it OLAP datastore or something else?


It is from scratch, we built it ourselves. I am not on the development team, so I only know whatever details we make public (via our documentation, conference presentations, etc.) My understanding is that it is essentially a key-value store that looks something like this:

  • timestamp
  • eventType
  • attributeName
  • attributeValue

Our CEO discussed it a bit in his keynote presentation at last year’s FutureStack conference, which you may view here:


What are open source alternatives of NRDB?


Hi there @bakhtiyor -

There is no open source version of NRDB, and it’s likely not a plan for the future.

If you tell me more about the use case, we may be able to help point you in another direction. Why are you interested in a version of NRDB?



Hi @hross,

I didn’t mean open source version of NRDB, just meant some open source alternatives which similar to NRDB,

I need for analytical processing tasks.




Sadly, I do not know of any out there. Sorry to disappoint.



Cassandra is an excellent time series database


yeah, how about scylladb?