What do you nerd out on?

Since this category is about general tech chat, I want to start with a question…

What is it you nerd out on?

Personally, I’ve always been a bit of an Aviation geek (I have a Boeing 777 tattoo on my left arm), Photography geek (I have a Zenit E camera tattoo on my right arm). I’m also a wristwatch nerd, but, no tattoos of that yet. My current goal watch is a Tudor Black Bay GMT, what’s your watch collection like, if you have one?

Right now though I’m getting more and more into smart home tech, since I just moved into a new apartment, I’m trying to smarten it up!

Let us know here what you nerd out on!?


I’ve become somewhat enamored lately with collecting random Star Wars Funko Pops. If only I would take the time to put some shelves up in my office to actually display them… Other than that, weekly D&D game and video games as time allows.

Our house is “smart”, if you consider just tossing Google Assistant devices in almost every room being “smart”. :joy: We haven’t stepped into the automation part yet, but we have kids that are still young enough to be excited to run and turn things off and on so there’s no rush in that area yet!

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Love it! I just last week got a new 4k 65" TV, so I’ve of course been putting it’s through it’s paces with a re-watch of all Star Wars movies.