What does Acknowledge mean?

In alert detail , I can click Acknowledge this alert.
After I click,Does this action means that My apdex keeping below 0.7, but I won‘t get Alert email?
And If I don’t click Acknowledge,will New Relic keep send email to me until I fix the problem? and how often?


The act of ‘acknowledging’ the alert is just that - you are letting everyone know you are aware of the alert. When you acknowledge an alert, you are indicating to all people also monitoring the alert that you are aware of and responding to the alert.

Doing so triggers an message to be sent letting everyone know about your acknowledgment.

This is covered on our docs site page here: Application Monitor Alerting: Acknowledging Alerts

We won’t keep sending you messages about an incident unless something else occurs. For instance, let’s imagine that an alert is triggered because of a low apdex score and this opens an incident. This triggers a message (like an email).

We won’t send another communication until something else occurs. If you acknowledge an alert, everyone in the alert channel will receive notification that you have acknowledged. Also, if another issue occurs during the open incident (like the error rate hits the trigger rate) there would be another message sent about this but it would not create a new incident.

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Can a comment accompany an acknowledgement?

@notcourage Currently no, but I can definitely see the benefit in this to provide more information to the audience of the alert policy. I’ll go ahead and get a feature request to our product management team for consideration though.

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still can’t add comment for a acknowledge?

Hi @bmg-ml01,

There is a Feature Idea you can add your vote and Use-Case to here, which also includes potential workarounds which may do in the meantime,

Hope that helps :slight_smile: